December 20, 2011

walking shadows, bocce boys

my favorite part of  this one is the shadows. someone once told me that no painting is ever really done, you just chose an interesting place to stop. i chose this place, which is  a little different than what i would normally chose.

December 15, 2011

art space show

travis from tanner frames was nice enough to let mark and i have a show in his space this last month for gallery stroll. the best part was there was a trevor southey show that they had more pieces than wall space in the other galleries. so, me, mark, and trevor southey had a mini show together. the image isn't great, but one day real soon (when i actually finish all these paintings) i'll post the actual images of the work.

southey is the left hand wall, marks are the mountain and house on the back left wall, mine are next, the 3 stacked over to the large bocce. then marks are the little ones on the right. it turned out to be a pretty ok show.

November 30, 2011

snow truck series

I just dropped off my first batch of work to the meyer gallery in park city. these are number six and seven from the truck series (out of nine). together the nine paintings show a family trying to get a stuck truck pushed out of the snow.

November 15, 2011

truck series #9

this is 1 of 9 paintings in this series. 3 of them are currently at art access in salt lake, and will be up through the end of the year.

October 8, 2011

plein air

spring city plein air competition

plein air provo, terra nova gallery - which was maybe the colded plein air i've ever done.
i ended up sitting in the back of my car trying to finish up as much as possible because my
fingers were frozen. this painting was made from 9am - 1pm including the frame. what a morning.

July 16, 2011

plein air

i can't decide if these are done or not.... i'm going to let them sit for a bit before i decide anything rash. this was the first plein air session for both, but there might be another trip in the near future. 

May 13, 2011

group show may 21st

everyone is invited. this show is in two locations. nudes, figures, and classwork will be at the carriage house showroom, 560 south 100 west in provo. figure drawings and paintings will be a few blocks away at santiago michalek's studio barn at 268 east 350 south. (to reach santi's studio, park between 3rd and 4th south on 3rd east or 2nd east and walk to the middle of the block. there is an alley way that will lead you to the 'barn'.)

artist in this show include j.kirk richards, daci bertelsen, mark crenshaw, merrick white, annie henrie, and santiago michalek.

group show paintings

all of these images are 5x5, oil on board.


figure painting

January 1, 2011


this guy got a merit award at the spring salon at the springville museum

i started a portrait project as an assignment from justin taylor. most of them are i feel about 85% done. maybe i should finish that.

one real cool stranger lady.

i found this lady at the springville museum of art quilt show. her family enter a quilt she had made. they had these photos and a short bio about her hanging next to her quilt (which was beautiful). i loved everything about it so i snuck the bio/photos from the wall and made a copy, then stuck it right back. eventually i made these drawings.

figure and gesture drawings

figure drawings, thanks to the bridge academy of art.

casein paintings