January 1, 2011


this guy got a merit award at the spring salon at the springville museum

i started a portrait project as an assignment from justin taylor. most of them are i feel about 85% done. maybe i should finish that.

one real cool stranger lady.

i found this lady at the springville museum of art quilt show. her family enter a quilt she had made. they had these photos and a short bio about her hanging next to her quilt (which was beautiful). i loved everything about it so i snuck the bio/photos from the wall and made a copy, then stuck it right back. eventually i made these drawings.

figure and gesture drawings

figure drawings, thanks to the bridge academy of art.

casein paintings

these aren't paintings, but i still like them.

when i shot these, i didn't realize how messed up my iso was so they're a little grainy, but they're all i've got.

yes i did start this on new year’s eve, and no it wasn't even a resolution.

germany, 2008 study abroad