December 20, 2011

walking shadows, bocce boys

my favorite part of  this one is the shadows. someone once told me that no painting is ever really done, you just chose an interesting place to stop. i chose this place, which is  a little different than what i would normally chose.

December 15, 2011

art space show

travis from tanner frames was nice enough to let mark and i have a show in his space this last month for gallery stroll. the best part was there was a trevor southey show that they had more pieces than wall space in the other galleries. so, me, mark, and trevor southey had a mini show together. the image isn't great, but one day real soon (when i actually finish all these paintings) i'll post the actual images of the work.

southey is the left hand wall, marks are the mountain and house on the back left wall, mine are next, the 3 stacked over to the large bocce. then marks are the little ones on the right. it turned out to be a pretty ok show.